Welcome to Kim J Boland


Executive Financial Management Accounting

We are a consulting practice operating in the area of Business Improvement and Accounting.

In both of these areas we want to encourage small business owners to use up to date methodologies to drive their business forward.

We particularly favour a “systems based” approach to business management and improvement, and building on the strengths of an organisation to achieve positive and dynamic change. This is known as Strength Based Change (as opposed to the usual defecit based approaches). In particular we use Appreciative Inquiry to deliver this change to businesses.

What we offer?

We believe that change is done by people not to them. Hence as consultants we work to facilitate the change and improvement that is best for our clients. This is done through workshops.

Many of our workshops are not based around specific improvement issues, but around the tools that can be used to address the issues the organisation might encounter.


  • 2 or 3 Day Strategic Appreciative Inquiry workshop to define strategy and destiny for the organisation.   (2 Days: £1000 3 Days 1250; based on being at clients premises.
  • 4 or 5 Day 7 Management and Planning Tool training workshop. To give clients detailed experience of the full Project Management and Strategic Planning tools’ (4 Days £2000 5 Days £2500 at appropriate venues).
  • 1 Day introduction to System Mapping of an organisation to understand how the business operates. The end result is a detailed system map, highlighting areas of concern and strength) (£500).
  • The above workshops are designed for one client, but may be arranged between joint clients at their request; or via a Public session, subject to demand.