What is system thinking ?

Systems Thinking is the science/art of understanding an overall system in the context of its environment. Every system (take a hi-fi system) has a number of separate components, which are connected together to achieve the objective of the total system.

From this is can be seen that optimising one component might hinder the rest of the system and not produce an optimal result. The optimal result is obtained when all the parts work TOGETHER to produce the results. This is what I believe good field sport team managers are able to achieve.


A team manager in say football, does not sit his chair by the goal keeper to watch how that one player performs- he watches the game from a high position in order to see the game as a whole.

As business managers we should do the same, and be able to observe how our own system is working. Notice that the manager does not sit behind the lap tops analysing micro data of individual players performance. He wants to see how it performs as a whole.

Not enough business managers understand their businesses as a whole, that is from a high level. Too many get sucked into “micro managerment”. It is no wonder that overall their organisations are dysfunctional and not happy places to work. With such a view it is easy for a culture of blame to come in, which will add no value to the overall outcome of the system.

We understand how to implement a systems view and apply system performance, and how to achieve the maximum benefit from the organisation. Contact us to discuss how we could help you.

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