World Class Quality is Attainable

World class quality is not just for large organisations.

It is NOT about being the “best of the best” (as Wikipedia puts it). It IS about being the best you can be.

The answer to World Class Quality is to provide services or products to the customers requirement time after time.


The route to World Class Quality is not difficult or expensive. It does require commitment to continual improvement. This can be done of
companies of all sizes.

It should be done by all sizes of companies so that they remain competitive and stay in business.

How do you do it:

1. Fully understand the customer requirements.

2. Fully understand your production or service process

3. Allow the team operating the process to make changes for improvement as they find them,

4. Monitor day by day performance and take appropriate action to improve the process.

5. Continue to review and seek improvements, and check the customer requirements.

How do you define World Class Quality

– constantly meet the customer requirements with little of no change to performance standards.

Thus can be and is done by businesses of all sizes.

If you need help contact us. (we apply the work of Prof Kano to Customer excellence)  We have been trained in a master class by Prof Kano, and have practiced his methods with many clients.

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