RAG Does not work at all!

Ok, I know many of you will not agree with this, but I feel it is a critical error in large organisations, particularly governments.

The growing trend of using traffic lights to monitor performance is for me not only worrying. It is now used in Schools and Hospitals. To me it is a Red Rag to a bull!
Why don’t I like them:
1. the scoring is too often arbitrary and uses “attributes” rather than variables data.
2. even when using variables data it fails to take account of common cause or assignable cause differences. It fails to show it the process is operating and its normal levels and if the process needs improving or if the are special affects to be considered.
3. The above point is of more concern when these are used for “benchmarking”. In this, local circumstances are not taken into account, where we should be showing if an entity is doing the best it can given its circumstances.
4. What will be the psychological effect / impact on those associated with a Red or Green entity. Fine for one, bad for the other. Largely however common cause variation is treated as assignable and will result in process “tampering” which in the long run will and can only be negative.
5. Despite the platitudes to the contrary nothing is done through them to encourage improvement

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