Does Innovation feel like this? Too much hard work? It need not be!

Innovation need not be dependant upon inspiration. Seldom is it? That is just as well, as we can not force inspiration, but we can work to innovate.


Innovation is no less a business process that any other task in the work place.

There are many idea generation metholdologies to help teams think “beyond the box”. These are incorrectly called “Brain storming”. Incorrectly because “Brain Storming is not
structured to a particular goal.

Amongst these tools are:

Affinity Diagrams (sticky note idea generation and clustering)
Interrelationship Diagrams (an often ignored but essential next step to the above)
Lateral Thinking (devised by Dr Edward deBono) and made applicable through his “concept fan”.
Parallel Thinking (again de Bono’s work, to get the teams thinking all the same at once, and applied through the 6 Thinking Hats.)
Inventive Problem Solving (designed by Altshutller, allowing design engineers to see thinks in a new way, also know as TRIZ).

These and more tools are not difficult to use. If used well they can provide quick results in terms of new thinking. If used badly they can be counterproductive.

Talk with us if these methods could help your business develop.


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